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Human Resources Fostering Program in Chemistry

Activity by Ayumu  Inoue   |   added on Jul 19, 2011   |   Japan Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Japan Chemical Industry Association (Human Resources Fostering Program in Chemistry)

To promote distinguished students to take doctoral course in chemistry and support those in the latter half of the course to find job in the chemical industry.

[Objectives] To promote distinguished students to take the latter half of doctoral course, strengthen research and development capability by raising the level of the human resources in chemistry, and contribute in maintaining and improving international competitiveness in chemical industry. 


[Contents] To conduct the human resources fostering in chemistry in consolidated way such as to evaluate, select and introduce those post-graduate courses that provide education that the chemical industry considers to be desirable, to provide scholarship to those students who go to the latter half of doctoral courses, to support those student who have completed such courses to find a job in the chemical industry, and to cooperate to reform the curriculum of universities.

Scale: Not determined yet.  (It is considered that the number of people who will become involved in this program will become considerable.)

Target persons: Those students who study at chemistry-related post-graduate schools, those who are in the latter half of the doctoral course, and those who aim at enrolling in such graduate schools and courses.

Topic: education of chemistry, and networking Audience: post graduate students, universities, and professors
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