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34 Brazilian Chemical Society Meeting - Chemistry for a Better World

Activity by Rodrigo Souza   |   added on Jul 23, 2010   |   Brazil Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Brazilian Chemical Society

The 34 Brazilian Chemical Society Meeting will be held in Florianopolis at Santa Catarina State in the end of May 2011.

It is the biggest event in Chemistry in Latin America, where about 2,500 participating researchers, including professors and students from around the country, with presentations by approximately 2200 communications distributed by areas of expertise in the scientific divisions.
The celebrations of 2011 aims to show the role of chemistry for the development of a just and sustainable world. It also aimed to force the reflection that the chemistry is not the villain of the sciences.

Topic: chemistry education, conferences, seminars, workshops, celebrating chemistry Audience: professional chemists, educators, general public, tertiary education, decision makers, industrial chemists, post graduate students


Fabienne Meyers | Jul 05, 2011 06:18PM

A short report has been published in CEN, July 4, 2011 issue - read it here.

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