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One day Chemical Experiments for Adults

Activity by Yuki Yamasaki   |   added on Feb 25, 2011   |   Japan Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Joint sponsor: Hosei science research center

We will provide chemical experimental classes for public adult. It is aimed to improve science literacy of Japanese citizens.

Organizer:    Yuki Yamasaki (Hosei Univ.),

Yoshiyasu Tanaka (Tokyo Metropolitan Toyama High School)

Joint sponsor:  Hosei Science Research Center

Title:          One day Chemical Experiments for Adults

Schedule:    #2 :  July 23rd, 2011

                      #3 :  September 17th, 2011

Place:         Hosei University Koganei Campus, Chemistry Room

                        (Higashi-kan 3F E303 3-7-2,

                            Kajinocho Koganei-City,184-8584 TOKYO) 

Scope:        ‘Improvement of science literacy of Japanese citizens’

Program:      2nd class: “Understanding Dying Chemistry”

              Using some themes from the chemistry classes of high school,

general adults can get familiar with chemistry and also can understand that the experimental classes is important in middle or tertiary education through this event.

Participants   general public, elementary and secondary school teachers,

              and, mothers or fathers of high school students

Topic: seminars, experimental classes Audience: general public, primary or secondary school teachers
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