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Third Colombian Chemistry Olympiad

Activity by Grupo MEQ   |   added on Feb 12, 2011   |   Colombia Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Institute of chemistry, University of Antioquia, Parque Explora and Aseducas

We want to prepare and execute the third Chemistry Olympiad in order to create a space for young people interested in chemistry, offering them the opportunity to measure and compare their knowledge on this science.


Chemistry as a science is viewed nowadays by many young people in a distorted way, away from the practical sense and its relationship with the daily environment, an aspect that may be partly due to the way it encourages and teaches from the school. This makes chemistry be perceived as too complex and unattractive program at the moment of choosing a college program.

Our specific goals in this Olympiad are:

To promote the interest on chemistry of a greater number of young people. 

To provide a healthy competition environment in which, without possessing a strong background in chemistry, can enjoy solving chemistry problems.

To encourage the participation of educational institutions outside the metropolitan area.

To Select the most talented contestants and give them a grant

To make the Chemistry Olympiad a traditional event, that fosters meaningful learning of chemical concepts that will benefit the quality of education in the country.

To serve as stage of preparation for the national tests and entrance examination to college.

To perform a statistical analysis of the results obtained from the third Chemistry Olympiad and post it in the event's website for general access.


Eliminatory prove August 21, 2011
Final September 24, 2011
Awards ceremony October 23, 2011

Topic: chemistry education, competition Audience: secondary school students
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