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Seminar of Ufa Quantum Chemistry Society

Activity by Denis Sabirov   |   added on Feb 07, 2011   |   Russian Federation Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Russian Academy of Sciences

The seminar includes both oral contributions of well-known Russian chemists whose interests lie in the field of theoretical chemistry and oral report of young scientists and post graduate students working in the mentioned areas. The seminar should elucidate recent quantum chemical studies and the trends of their development.


In recent times chemists’ attention is paid to the studies of diverse biological systems, reaction mechanisms, labile intermediates of chemical processes, prognoses of physical properties, biological activity, reactivity etc. Experimental investigations in the field of the mentioned problems are conjugated with the significant obstacles and sometimes are not possible. That is why the mathematical and quantum chemical modeling have became the wide spread methods to study the matter. The increasing number of periodicals devoted to the molecular modeling in chemistry and the scientific seminars also elucidate the relevance of the theoretical approaches in chemistry.

One of such seminars is held in the Ufa (Russia) and unites researchers from the universities and academic organizations not only of a region but all over the world. The seminar started in 1998 under Prof. Khursan’s research team supervision and has been held till now. Nowadays, it encompasses different problems of quantum and mathematical chemistry and integrates the young people interested in these disciplines into the scientific work. For additional information, see

The further Ufa Quantum Chemistry Seminar will take place 31 March – 1 April 2011 in the Institute of Petrochemistry and Catalysis of Russian Academy of Sciences (Ufa, Russia) and will be devoted to the following topics:

1.     Reaction mechanisms (processes of oxidation, catalytic reactions)

2.     Theoretical studies of bulky molecules (metallocenes, fullerenes, their complexes and derivatives)

3.     Quantum chemical studies on the structural and energetic properties (IR, NMR spectra, polar characteristics)

4.     Parallel computing

5.     Up-to-date quantum chemical methods and program suites.


The planned seminar should be an original slice that will illustrate the contemporary state of the mathematical and quantum chemistry in Russia and all over the world and obtain to foresee the ways of the further development of this field of science existing at the intersection of mathematics and chemistry.

One of the goals of the International Year of Chemistry 2011 is to encourage the young people interested in chemistry and to conclude what the results obtained by the world scientific community to 2011. So, we hope that this seminar will help to achieve these goals and will become the part of International Year of Chemistry.

The materials (both in English and Russian) of the seminar will appear on the websites of Ufa Quantum Chemistry Society ( and Institute of Petrochemistry and Catalysis of Russian Academy of Sciences ( and will be accessible for all students and professional scientists who are interested in.

Topic: seminars, quantum chemistry, chemistry education Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, research scientists, post graduate students
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