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YIC Celebrates IYC

Activity by Jagadeesh Ellil   |   added on Feb 04, 2011   |   Saudi Arabia Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Yanbu Industrial College, Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu

Poster presentation on the development of Chemistry, Video shows on life and work of eminent chemists, Exhibitions of chemical equipment, Fun and wonder generating experiments.

 I would like this IYC celebrations to pave the way for organizing video shows on the life and discovery of great chemists/scientists of the past, Nobel laureates and eminent chemistry professors, Exhibitions of amazing chemistry experiments generating inquistiveness and fun and demonstration of various sophisticated chemical equipment and their capabilities.

The List of activities are given below.

1. Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Exhibition.( with  Student participation,  in the month of  April ) 

     Elements and their spectra and applications.

      Electrochemical reactions and applications

      Gases and their reactions.

      Acids, Bases, indicators and some fun experiments.

      Chemical equilibrium and oscillating reactions.

      Colourful reactions

       Analytical experiments and applications.

2. Seminars on recent advances in Chemistry ( By faculty members) ( Monthly)

    Topics: Green Chemistry, Solar Hydrogen energy, Nanochemistry, Ionic liquids and applications,

     Trace analysis, Software in Chemistry.

3. Video shows ( Monthly)

4. Training the students on selected  analytical equipment, extraction procedures and safety regulations.

5. Circulationg articles on chemistry through Moodle

Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, hands-on activities, sustainable and green chemistry Audience: students, industrial chemists, secondary school students, general public, educational institutions, decision makers


Fabienne Meyers | Dec 09, 2011 07:06PM


Comments Jagadeesh Ellil | May 13, 2011 11:42AM

The chemiluminescence website was launched on 7th May 2011 by HE Dr. Dabroom, Managing Director of Yanbu Industrial College.


Training for students on amazing experiments started on 8-5-2011 to prepare the students for the major exhibition to be conducted in the month of October 2011

"Colour of Chemistry" contest made popular among the students and invited photographs with a description on the reasons for the colors seen in the photgraph.

Chemical safety week is going to be organized for a week starting from 14-5-2011 to 21-5-2011.

Photographic Contest indicating a "unsafe condition due to  improper chemical  usage or storing" announced while observing the "chemical safety week"

A talk by Dr.E.P.Jagadeesh scheduled for 22-5-2011 at 10-11am on "International year of chemistry" and frontiers of chemical education

  Jagadeesh Ellil | Dec 07, 2011 02:38PM

May 22nd, 2011.

As part of the celebration of International year of chemistry, under the aegis of Chemiluminescence 2011, a Lecture  on “Frontiers of Chemical education” was delivered by Dr.E.P.Jagadeesh, convener, Chemiluminescence 2011.

International Year of Chemistry Celebrations resumed after the summer vacation in October 2011. Preparation for the Chemiluminescence day to be observed in November started.

November 18th 2011.

 T- shirts with logos of the IYC 2011, IUPAC, UNESCO and Chemiluminescence2011  were released and distributed to the students of the college by Dr. Ahmed Alghamdi ,Chairman of Chemiluminescence and Head of Chemical Engineering Technology Dept. 

 November 19th 2011.

Students carrying Helium filled balloons recreated the  periodic table in the courtyards of the college, which were later released off symbolic of spreading the message that the chemical elements and their chemistry brought all the comforts of our modern life.  This was followed by colorful entertainment and educational programs. His Excellency Dr. Alaa Nassif, CEO Royal Commission graced the occasion.  Dr. Ahmed Alghamdi, chairman of the celebrations welcomed the gathering.  Dr.Jagadeesh, presented the report on the preparations and previous activities conducted in connection with IYC 2011 celebrations and gave a brief on upcoming events too.  Movies commemorating the Nobel prize awarded to Madam Curie and short films -  “Chemistry-   Its all about you” and “living without chemistry” were screened  in front of a large gathering.   A short play depicting the practice of chemistry in ancient Islamic world and its growth to the present was staged by students of the college.  Dr.Salah Naeem, delivered a talk on development of chemistry in the Islamic world. 

Prof. Sadhan Kumar De, chair professor, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals delivered a public lecture on “Polymers in the service of human.”  The audience comprised of students from the college, invited guests from other institutes and technocrats from chemical industry.


November 20th 2011.

Prof. Sadhan Kumar De delivered an invited lecture on “Polymer Technology and recycling polymers” to the students and faculty members of the Chemical Engineering Department and invited guests from Chemical Industry. 

 November 21st, 22nd and 23rd  2011.

Groups of students from the neighboring schools visited the chemical laboratories of the college.  Some amazing experiments were shown to them by various faculty members of the Chemical Engineering Department.  Lectures on achievements of chemistry were delivered to them at the college auditorium by Dr. Salah Naeem and Er. Khalid Jalil.  Er. Emad Muktar and Er. Abdulla Hilali guided the students through the labs.  Souvenir with event logos inscribed on them were distributed to the “chemicurious” school children.

 November 27th  2011

The students were taken for an educational tour to different plants and to chemical analysis labs of the Saudi Aramco refinery.

December 5th   2011

Students of the chemical engineering department led by faculty members went around the college campus to pick the carelessly thrown solid wastes and deposit them in the waste bins. Dr. Ahmed Alghmadi , head of  chemical Engineering and technology department spoke to the students about the need of creating awareness among the community on solid waste management and protection of our environment. He reminded the students the need of paying serious attention to the problems associated with the solid wastes and the various harmful chemicals it may release in to our environment, if not properly disposed off.

  December 6th 2011

 Dr.Ghasim Alandjani , DMD (IAD) addressed a team of students and faculty members of CHET department, set off for the cleansing operations in the neighboring beaches under the leadership of  Dr. Alghamdi. The team spent around 2 hrs with great enthusiasm in the beaches picking up the plastic bags, lids, soft drink cans and bottles and depositing them in proper bins.  

While appreciating the achievements of chemistry in various walks of life, these activities were organized to create awareness among the public on various routes of release of toxics to our environment and their management for sustainable development and environmental protection.

  Jagadeesh Ellil | Dec 09, 2011 12:48PM

Video link of the events on November 19th available in Youtube.

Jagadeesh Ellil | Dec 10, 2011 08:24AM

The Visit to Yanbu Refinery (ARAMCO) was a memorable one in all respects. The academic benefits and close relationship that could be established with industrial fraternity at the comany would be benefitted mutually. The visited team were taken around the laboratories and process control room. Saudi Aramco also is a partner of Yanbu Industrial College in all respects and for the celebration of International Year of Chemistry 2011 and Chemiluminescence 2011. The team also gratefully remembers the hospitality and souvenir provided by the ARAMCO company. There are more such collaborative programs the College is planning with ARAMCO

Er.Abdulla Helali

Team Leader

Jagadeesh Ellil | Dec 13, 2011 01:10PM

December 12th 2011

Mr. Khalid Al-Haajri of the Environmental Control Department delivered a talk on "Environmental Sustainabilty of Yanbu Industrial City" at 9.00 am in the Recreation Centre of the YIC. He explained the details of the environmental aspects of the existing plan of the Yanbu industrial city and development plan for the coming years.  He elaborated on the measures taken for the control of pollution in the industrial city, the constant monitoring programs of the ambient air, sea water, stack emissions etc and the green belts installed around the industries.He emphasized the need of harvesting renewable energy, mass transportation, waste minimization etc for the sustainable development.

Jagadeesh Ellil | Dec 21, 2011 05:43PM

December 17th 2011

Department of Chemical Engineering Technology organizes exhibition and open house!

The open house and exhibition organized under the activities of the celebration of International Year of Chemistry was inaugurated by Dr.Ahmed Dabroom , General Director of Colleges and institutes of Royal Commission on Saturday,17th December 2011 at 9.00am in the Multipurpose Hall of YIC. Prominent industry collaborators and equipment manufacturers and dealers opened their stalls exhibiting their products. Prominent among them were YANSAB, Gulf Scientific Company, Future Scientific, Naizak and IGB. Dr. Ghasim Alandjhani, Dr.Nasser Bajaaba and many other dignitaries visited the stalls. The stalls of Chemical Engineering Technology Department drew large crowds from the college and various schools in the neighborhood. The students of the department demonstrated various categories of amazing experiments to the visitors   They also visited the labs of the department housing state-of-the-art equipment. Short films under the “Spellbound” series produced by the American Chemical titled as “How kids became Scientists”, Discovery channel series titled as “100 great discoveries” and the   humorous song on periodic table of elements “we have just crammed it” sung by Billy Joel, world famous pop singer were also screened and added great charm to the event. The exhibition came to an end by 5.00 pm.

Jagadeesh Ellil | Dec 21, 2011 05:50PM

December 19th 2011

Curtains down on Chemiluminescence 2011!

Concluding function of Chemiluminescence 2011 was held on Monday 19th December in the YIC auditorium at 9am while Dr. Ahmed Dabroom, the General Director of Institutes and Colleges of Royal Commission presided. A webinar on “A Green chemistry Moonshot” was delivered by Prof. Paul.T.Anastas, Assistant Executive Director, United States Environmental Protection Agency.  A memento presented to Prof.Anastas   was received by Dr.Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, on behalf of him from Dr.Dabroom. A short film produced by the YIC Media Centre was then screened, giving glimpses of all events conducted under aegis of Chemiluminescence 2011 since the launch of the celebrations. Dr. Dabroom during his concluding remarks congratulated Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghamdi and his team for the hard work carried out by them for making the celebrations of the International Year of Chemistry, a big success. He emphasized the need of bringing together the industry, institutes and the community around for sustainable development and technological growth, through similar programs. Dr. Dabroom then distributed the prizes and certificates for the winners of the various contests conducted for the students. He also distributed mementos to the participated schools and industries and individuals who worked as a team for the success of the programs. 

Jagadeesh Ellil | Dec 21, 2011 06:11PM

A Green Chemistry Moonshot, the webinar presented by Prof.Paul T Anastas, USEPA available here.

Jagadeesh Ellil | Jan 08, 2012 04:57AM

The complete Album of various events organized under the International Year of Chemistry ( IYC 2011) Celebrations of the Yanbu Industrial College(YIC), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is available here :  YIC Celebrations of IYC 2011

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