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Continuous and batch process development for hydrogenation and other catalytic processes

Activity by Hadas Mills   |   added on Feb 02, 2011   |   United Kingdom Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): HEL Group

12th HEL Conference, for sharing applications and new technologies in hydrogenation, catalysis and flow chemistry.

Catalytic reactions, hydrogenation in particular, have seen a remarkable surge in interest over the last 10 years, most strikingly in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. More recently, flow chemistry has begun to attract a similar level of interest for a wide range of chemistries, but especially involving heterogeneous catalysis. 

The 12th HEL Conference on September 26th 2011, in the UK (full details will be published on - please check for updates) will explore development tools and applications for both batch and flow reactions from a wide range of industries. The scope will include:

· Early Screening using manual  and automated tools

· Development of pressure reactions using parallel synthesis

· Scale up of flow and batch catalytic reactions

· Supercritical and other “green” chemistries

· Large scale continuous hydrogenations

This will be an exciting opportunity to find out about current applications and new technologies to improve the processes and increase productivity.  A reception and social gathering is arranged for evening of Monday 25 September and the conference will start promptly on Tuesday morning.


Topic: conferences Audience: professional chemists, industrial chemists, research scientists, professors, post graduate students, decision makers
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