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Chem Ed 2011 conference for chemistry educators

Activity by Pat Vance   |   added on Jul 06, 2010   |   United States Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): The Mallinson Institute for Science Educaiton and the Chemistry Dept, both of Western Michigan University

The 21st biennial conference for chemistry educators at the high school level. Demonstrations and some of the speaker sessions will be open to the public as well.

The conference will take place July 24-28, 2011, at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.  This is the 21st Chem Ed, a biennial conference for high school chemistry teachers.  The conference usually draws about 7-800 educators from as many as 15-20 countries.  It consists of teachers presenting to other teachers ideas for the betterment of chemistry education.  Workshops are also presented by several vendors to demonstrate  new lab materials.  The conference will begin on Sunday afternoon with a demonstration "extravaganza" by several well-known Michigan demonstrators.  On Monday morning, Dr. John Fortmann will give the Reg Freisen Honorary lecture and demonstration presentation.  We are currently negotiating with a Nobel Laureate in chemistry to give a video presentation at the closing session on Thursday morning. These are the three sessions that will be open to the general public.  Other sessions for teachers during the week include a series of "Michigan lectures" featuring chemists from several Michigan companies discussing the chemistry involved in their products.  These include the chemistry of beer , wine, cheese, taste (Kellogg), polymers and agriculture, and others, and are designed to bring teachers up-to-date in the various applications of chemistry.

We are also going to be displaying the tile periodic table IYC project sponsored by  the University of Waterloo and Chem 13 News, and are designing the tile for element 11 of the table.  This, too, will be made available to the general public for viewing.

We look forward to being part of the IYC celebration and having a chance to make the general public aware of the fun and excitement of chemistry, as well as renewing our teachers and sending them back to their classrooms with new knowledge and ideas to share with their students.

Persons interested in presenting or attending may obtain more information at

Topic: demonstrations, hands-on activities Audience: chemistry educators, students, general public


Dileep Sathe | Dec 02, 2010 04:11PM

I would like to discuss some very basic problems in learning Bohr's theory of hydrogen atom. This would be important to physics n chemistry, both. For details, see my "activity" of 19th November 2010.

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Jul 24 - Jul 28, 2011 21st Biennial Chem Ed Conference