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Nordic conference for Chemistry teachers

Activity by Vivi-Ann LĂ„ngvik   |   added on Dec 09, 2010   |   Sweden Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Bengt Lundqvists minne, Vetenskap & Skola

Chemistry teachers from all the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) will meet to seek information and inspiration in order to improve our pupils interest and learning in chemistry.

A conference for chemistry teachers from all the Nordic countries will be held in Stockholm on October 28-29, 2011 

From the program:

"State of the art" - school authorities from all countries will give a short presentation on the sitation in each country regarding chemistry education. 

The Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry 2011 will be presented by a member of the Nobel committe

Lecures on Energy and materials from Biomass (Prof. C. Feldby, Denmark) and on the Role of Research and Development in Paper and Pulp industry (Prof. N. von Weymarn, Finland) will be held 

Sir Harold Kroto will participate via a video link, with a presentation on GooYouWikiWorld and a discussion through Skype or similar program 

Chemistry history in 12 parts (theater)

Work-shops, will be given by participants from the different countries

A buffé dinner will be included in the program

Topic: state of the art, chemistry education, seminars, hands-on activities, workshops, northern countries Audience: secondary school teachers, educators
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