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Screening of a film about the life and times of world-renowned chemist Jokichi Takamine in Japan and America

Activity by Koyumi Ota   |   added on Feb 25, 2011   |   Japan Official_iyc_logo


This movie is about the Japanese chemist, Takamine Jokichi and his contributions to American and Japanese society. We will screen this movie in movie theaters across Japan and the United States with the aim for children and young adults to become interested in the field of chemistry.

“TAKAMINE” the movie, movie screenings

  In April 2011 the movie will be screened in Ishikawa and Kanagawa prefectures in Japan, and Washington D.C. This will be followed by a nationwide release within Japan. The total audience goal is 500,000 people.


Confirmed venues as of January 13, 2011:

Ishikawa prefecture: Kanazawa Korona Cinema World, Warner Mycal Cinemas Kanazawa, United Cinema Kanazawa, Warner Mycal Cinemas Okeizuka, Aeon Cinema Kanazawa Forus, Cinema Sunshine Kahoku


Toyama prefecture: Toyama Theater Daitokai, Toho Cinemas Takaoka, Toho Cinemas Favore Toyama


Kanagawa prefecture: Yokohama New Theatre


Rei 23’s website:

The website for the movie “TAKAMINE” is currently under construction.

Topic: demonstrations Audience: general public
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