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Research Day 2011 at University of the West Indies (Mona)

Activity by Vaughn Rattray   |   added on Jan 20, 2011   |   Jamaica Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): University of the West Indies

An exhibition of the research activities of the university's Mona campus in Kingston will take place on January 27-28, 2011. The Chemistry Department will be using the occasion to highlight IYC2011 with presentations, demonstrations and exhibits related to the IYC 2011 goals of the role of chemistry in our lives.

Each year in January the University of the West Indies (Mona Campus) in Jamaica hosts Research Day which is an opportunity for all faculties and departments to showcase the research being done and its relevance.

This year Research Day (actually two days) will be held on January 27-28, coinciding with the official launch of IYC 2011 in Paris.  The Department of Chemistry will be using this coincidence to promote the ideals of IYC 2011 to visitors to Research Day, who traditionally are mainly secondary school students and their teachers.  The general public is also well represented,

A series of exhibits will be mounted in the Assembly Hall on campus and tours will be conducted of the Chemistry Department. A mini-expo of a few chemistry related local enterprises will be mounted. The activities are being coordinated by a team of young chemists in the Department including graduate students and post doctoral fellows.

Topic: celebrating chemistry, educational materials Audience: students, general public, research scientists, secondary schools students, teachers
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