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Microbes and Molecules

Activity by Manuel Sánchez   |   added on Jan 16, 2011   |   Spain Official_iyc_logo


“Curiosidades de la Microbiología is a blog dedicated to the popularization of Microbiology. My intention to support IYC 2011is to publish comments about peer-reviewed papers on the different aspects of chemistry and its relations with microorganisms as for example biochemistry, biogeochemical cycles, antimicrobial compounds



The blog “Curiosidades de la Microbiología” (Curiosities of the microbial world) is a Spanish  language blog dedicated to the popularization of Microbiology, by discussing peer-reviewed papers published in scientific journals. Some of their articles have been translated to English in the ASM blog: Small Things Considered. The blog is ranked  in 3º position by wikio in the category of Biology Blogs in Spanish language. My intention to support  IYC 2011 is to publish comments about the different aspects of Chemistry and its relations with Microbiology as for example biochemistry, biogeochemical cycles, antimicrobial compounds, etc.

Topic: educational materials, science fair, website, biotechnology Audience: students, professors, educators, general public, universities
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