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Networking Breakfast - Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, USA

Activity by Penny j. Gilmer   |   added on Jan 12, 2011   |   United States Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Penny J. Gilmer, Haifa Hariri, Laura Keller

This is a breakfast for women chemists and other women scientists to gather to learn about twice-Nobelist Marie Curie and to network together to celebrate women in science.

We will meet in Kasha Laboratory Building (KLB) room 112 starting at 7:30 AM, ending at 8:30 AM on Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 to celebrate 100 years since Marie Curie received her Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Madame Curie was the first person to receive two Nobel prizes (her first was a joint one in Physics) and the first woman to receive any Nobel prize.

The Graduate Women in Science (GWIS) at Florida State University is hosting the breakfast as a fundraiser, with the cost of breakfast being $10 for professional women and $5 for graduate, undergraduate and K-12 students. We will be able to connect via Skype to women networking in the same time zone for this event, part of the International Year of Chemistry (IYC).

Please e-mail Haifa Hariri at if you would like to attend the breakfast. Please provide your name, institutution, and telephone #. If you need parking on the FSU campus, we will try to get parking passes for you. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know.

Other questions could be addressed to Penny J. Gilmer, Professor Emerita, Florida State University (FSU) at

Women at FAMU, TCC, FSU or other institutions, plus high school students would be welcome. We will be advertising to women in the Association for Women in Science, the Graduate Women in Science (at FSU)  and in the American Chemical Society, plus to the universities mentioned above.

Topic: celebrating women chemists Audience: students, professors, women chemists, universities, science educators
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