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"Radionuclides in working places"

Activity by Fernando Jimenez   |   added on Feb 07, 2011   |   Spain Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): CENIEH, Caja de Burgos

This activity is open to all people. To begin with, there will be a lecture and then an extensive round of questions and answers. Afterwards a visit to the laboratories could be organised.

The topic (radionuclides) is often a tabu theme nowadays. The aim of the activities are:

1) to show to the people how often we are in touch with the radionuclides

2) to show the paper of the chemistry in the radiactivity

3) to give the essential kwnoledge of radiactive processes

4) to increase the interest of younger public in chemistry

5) to show a relationship among chemistry - energy - safety - agriculture - medicine and general culture / hobbies



Over the next few months, we will plan for:

1.- Lecture and discussion (Casa del Cordon, Burgos), May 2011

2.- Attend the cinemas in order to view films that have relation to radionuclides

3.- Visit Laboratories (November 2011)

Topic: conferences, demonstrations Audience: general public
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