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Networking Breakfast - Moscow, Russia

Activity by Petr Fedotov   |   added on Jan 10, 2011   |   Russian Federation Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Commission for UNESCO in Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences

Networking breakfast “Women Sharing a Chemical Moment in Time” in Moscow, Russia

Networking breakfast “Women Sharing a Chemical Moment in Time” in Moscow, Russia will be held on Jan 18, 2011 at 11:00 local time (GMT + 3) in the Institute for problems of chemical physics (Russian Academy of Sciences) in an auditorium which is equipped with all modern facilities needed for videoconferences.


About 30 women are going to participate in the meeting. Most of them are researchers (academicians, professors, as well as PhD students working in the Russian Academy of Sciences, universities and other institutions). Besides, about 5-7 business ladies from chemical industry and officials from governmental bodies will be invited.



1) Prof. Natalia Tarasova will give a short introductory talk (topics: International Year of Chemistry, UNESCO, IUPAC, 100-year anniversary of Nobel Prize awarded to Marie Curie, women in chemistry)

2) Video-connections will be established (if it is not possible in some cases loud phone connections will be used) with participants of similar events in Russian and CIS countries:

- Baku (Azerbaijan), organizer: State Committee of Azerbaijan Republic for problems of family, women, and children;

- Minsk (Belarus), organizer: Commission of the Belarus Republic for UNESCO;

- Ufa (Republic of Bashkortostan), organizers: regional branches of D.Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society in Bashkortostan and Division for Chemico-Technological Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of Bashkortostan;

- Kursk, organizers: Kursk branch of D.Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society;

- Syktyvkar, organizers: Komi Institute of Chemistry of the Ural Brach of Russian Academy of Sciences;

- Kazan (Tatarstan), organizers: State Kazan Technological University.

3) Greetings exchange between participants from different locations.

4) During the breakfast the following questions will be discussed: role of women in chemical science, chemical education, and chemical industry. Another question: Is it possible for a woman-chemist to make a carrier?

Topic: celebrating chemistry, networking, chemistry education Audience: women chemists
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