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International Conference on Basic Science, ICBS 2011

Activity by Hermin Sulistyarti   |   added on Jan 07, 2011   |   Indonesia Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): University of Brawijaya Malang East Java Indonesia

International Conference, 17-18 February 2011; Training Instrumentation 14 & 16 February 2011; Workshop: Introduction to ISO 17025, 16 February 2011

It becomes obvious that everything in the world is related to chemistry, as it is composed of tiny particles of proton, neutron, and electron. The development of chemistry  with other sciences; biology, physics and mathematics is proved and is expected to support the advancement of health and environmental science as well as the advance technology. An international or global contribution can also enhance the application of new findings; therefore science in Indonesia could bring benefits to the local as well as worldwide society. A constructive involvement from the practitioners in health, environment and advance technology domestically and internationally, is expected to facilitate the synergy between chemistry or other basic sciences and applied science.

Therefore, to celebrate IYC 2011, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Brawijaya University as part of the education and research institution, recognize the significance of this global meeting and would like to contribute in a form of The International Conference on Basic Science 2011. This international conference will invites the educator, practitioner and researcher in area of basic science, health, environment, and technology and many other related sciences from government, private or academic institution domestically and internationally.


Through this seminar, the communication and the synergy from all parties are projected to increase and to give some recommendations to the decision maker in Indonesia as well as other country. This forum is also expected to offer a positive improvement in health, environment and technology for Indonesian society and the whole world.

Complete information about International Conference on Basic Science are available here:

Topic: celebrating chemistry, conferences, networking, chemistry education, workshops, sustainable and green chemistry, analytical chemistry, biotechnology Audience: universities, students, professional chemists, professors, general public, educators, industrial chemists, post graduate students, teachers, research scientists, women chemists
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