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LGC Standards celebrates IYC2011

Activity by Roger Kasselstrand   |   added on Jan 09, 2011   |   Sweden Official_iyc_logo


We would like to celebrate this IYC2011 by promoting chemistry in a monthly newsletter to all our customers. The theme of the monthly newsletter would be the same theme as the Swedish National Committee for Chemistry has chosen.

Each month of 2011 LGC Standards in Sweden would like to celebrate IYC by sending a newletter to all our contacts promoting the monthly theme, see below, chosen by the Swedish National Committee for Chemistry. By adding chemistry related information we would like to illustrate the great impact chemistry has on different ascpects of our daily life. LGC Standards offers certified reference materials and standards for most chemistry related research, helping scientists and researchers making sure they can rely on the experimental data they receive in their work.

Come fall 2011 we will organize a seminar based on the theme of the month (depending on which month we choose the theme will be different of course).

Januari   Art and Culture
Februari   Fashion
Mars   Climate and Energy
April   Industry
Maj   Chemistry of Love
Juni   Air and Water
Juli   Sustainable development
Augusti   Chemistry of sports
Oktober   Health
November   Foo
December   Nobel and the history of Chemistry

Topic: celebrating chemistry, networking, chemistry education, sustainable and green chemistry, analytical chemistry, art Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, industrial chemists, post graduate students, universities, research scientists, women chemists, decision makers
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