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Molecular Materials Meeting @ Singapore

Activity by Eugene Low   |   added on Jan 05, 2011   |   Singapore Official_iyc_logo


This international meeting is convened to commemorate IYC 2011 by providing a forum for frontiers and rising stars in the field of molecular materials to discuss their 'BIG IDEAS' in the intersecting area between materials and chemistry and related developments in other scientific and technological arena.

Under the theme of molecular materials, we welcome not only chemists and materials scientists, but also leading researchers of other related fields such as physics, biology, medicine, engineering etc. with the intention of developing cross-disciplinary and collaborative research ideas.  We expect to share your big ideas, and in return, we expect bigger ideas to emerge from this meeting. The symposium will bring together 68 speakers to focus on five major themes of molecular materials; Sustainable Materials, Lifestyle Materials, Healthtech Materials, and Materials for High-Value Manufacturing. The inaugural Molecular Materials Meeting @ Singapore conference will be held on 10 and 11 January 2011 at Level 4, Matrix Building at Biopolis, Singapore. For more details on the conference, please click on the M3 @ Singapore link.

Materials science is a multi-disciplinary research area. Chemistry forms an integral part of the work that we do here from synthesis of new materials to molecular materials R&D. The M3 @ Singapore meeting will be a fitting tribute to not only highlighting chemistry but the growing inter-disciplinary nature of modern R&D.

Topic: conferences, networking, seminars, chemistry, workshops, sustainable and green chemistry Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, general public, industrial chemists, post graduate students, universities, research scientists, women chemists
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