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Los Avances de la Química y su Impacto en la Sociedad (Chemistry and its Impact on Society)

Activity by Bernardo Herradón   |   added on Jan 04, 2011   |   Spain Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): CSIC

Course addressed to general public, secondary school students and teachers as well as to anybody interested on the benefits of Chemistry for our lifes.

The course deals with any aspect in which Chemistry influences in our life, including health, food production and improvement, water quality, quotidien materials, energy,  technological materials, and so on. Also, some topics of current general interest, such a environmental issues, are also discussed. Other topics, such as Chemistry in the news as well as the future of Chemistry, are also dealt with.

All the topics are explained with the objective to be useful educational material for secondary students.

The second issue of the course is currently underway (ee web site Copies of the lectures can be downloaded from the web.

The professorship of the course is formed by some of the most outstanding Spanish professors and researchers with vocation for outreaching.

The third issue is planned to start by the end of September 2011.

Topic: conferences, chemistry education, seminars, educational materials, hands-on activities Audience: general public, students, educators, teachers, secondary school students, graduate students


Josefina Morales | May 05, 2011 02:09AM

Hola Bernardo Herradon:

Te escribo desde Republica Dominicana, he estado leyendo sobre tu curso que es muy interesando sobre los beneficios de la quimica en la vida.

Me acaban de invitar a dar una conferencia  ahora en mayo,en la Universidad estatal de mi pais para celebrar este ano de la Quimica y me gustaria poder contar con que me envies algunas referencias bibliograficas o paginas Web sobre este tema pues quiero tener  una presentacion dinamica y actualizada sobre la quimica y su relacion con la calidad de vida.

Espero tus noticias y muchas gracias.


Josefina Morales

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