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Activity by Jason Raymond   |   added on Dec 30, 2010   |   Jamaica Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Notesmaster

In celebration for the IYC 2011 Notesmaster aims to promote the fascinating and useful science of chemistry to our member teachers and students. We hope to raise the profile of chemistry while encouraging greater participation in the creation and dissemination of chemistry related learning material throughout the Caribbean.

 I. Our objectives for the IYC 2011 will focus on addressing the following areas:


  • Increasing the interest of young people in chemistry


  • Generating enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry


II. Brief description for IYC 2011 activities:


  • Increase the interest of young people in chemistry (ongoing activity with increased promotion throughout 2011) - Already we have Caribbean teachers creating content and posting it in an open domain on Notesmaster for others to freely use. We have already started a drive to encourage greater participation of science teachers to create engaging material and even record practical experiments which show the application of chemistry in everyday life. What we have already found is that teachers by extension involve their students. Teachers at the secondary level in Jamaica and Trinidad have also highlighted the popularity of engaging content such as 3D chemistry molecules, especially among male students.


  • Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry (ongoing activity with increased promotion throughout 2011) - Using multimedia technology is a strong catalyst for sparking curiosity and building enthusiasm especially among young people. Teachers and professionals in the field of chemistry could contribute content to Notesmaster under the following themes (or any other relevant themes):


(a) The chemistry of Caribbean foods and fruits


(b) The chemistry of industries e.g. food processing, petrochemical, mining


(c) The contributions of Caribbean professional in the field of chemistry and related sciences


(d) New and exciting applications of chemistry from around the world


(e) Everyday chemistry in the Caribbean


(f) Careers in chemistry


Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, educational materials, website, sustainable and green chemistry Audience: students, educators, universities, teachers, secondary schools, high schools, secondary schools students
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