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Open Days of Chemistry at Faculty of Science, University of Sarajevo

Activity by Meliha Zejnilagic-Hajric   |   added on May 10, 2010   |   Bosnia And Herzegovina Official_iyc_logo


We have organized „Open Days of Chemistry“ at our Department, that will last for a week from 10. to 15. May. We prepared interesting demonstrations from all chemistry areas, for students and teachers from middle and high schools in our country. These experiments will be performed by our students and assistants.

Department of Chemistry at Faculty of Science at University of Sarajevo plans to coordinate many activities for denoting International Year of Chemistry 2011. First, we have organized „Open Days of Chemistry“ at our Department, that manifestation started 10. May and will last until 15. May 2010. We prepared some interesting demonstrations for students and teachers from elementary and high schools in our country. These experiments will be performed by our students and assistants.

Experiments will include:

•    Model of fire extinguisher
•    Getting and explosion of hydrogen
•    Turning water into "wine", "milk" and "beer"
•    Determination of safety distance from bullets containing depleted uranium
•    Specific reaction for the detection of anions and cations
•    Reactions dying flame
•    Determination of water hardness
•    Determination of chloride in water (according to Mohr)
•    Chemical equilibrium - aqueous solution of Co (II)-chloride
•    Orange tornado
•    Smoke without fire
•    pH value - indicators
•    Chemical traffic light
•    Oscillating reactions (Belousov-Zhabotinsky and Bricks-Raucher)
•    Demonstration of electrochemical corrosion
•    Iodine clock (Halloween reaction)
•    Milky Way
•    Chemical chameleon
•    Coloured Smoke
•    Ghost in a bottle
•    Fountain in the test tube
•    Making tetraamincuprum (II) sulfate monohydrate
•    Preparation of chromium (III) oxide
•    Special effects with potassium dichromate
•    White foam
•    Coloured foam
•    Black Foam
•    Volcano
•    Blue Bottle
•    Silver mirror
•    Chalk chromatography
•    Invisible Ink
•    Ninhidrin reaction to protein
•    Biuret reaction to the peptide bond
•    Molisch reaction to the general presence of sugar
•    Bial reaction to the presence of pentose
•    Salkowski test on cholesterol
•    Liebermann test on cholesterol
•    Alcotest
•    Test to phenols

Topic: hands-on activities Audience: secondary schools, high schools, teachers, students


Franceska Culaj | Apr 13, 2011 03:35PM

I am from Kosovo. Can I participate to the Open Days of Chemistry 2011 as well even if I am not from Bosnia and Herzegovina and I don't know the Bosnian language?

Meliha Zejnilagic-Hajric | Apr 14, 2011 01:04PM

Dear Francesca,

I am glad that you like chemistry, and if you have a chance to come and visit us, it would be nice for you to see what our students and assistants do in Open days of Chemistry. I suppose you know English, so the fact that you don't speak Bosnian is not a problem.

Please fell free to contact me for any other information.

Regards from Sarajevo

Prof.dr. Meliha Zejnilagic-Hajric

University of Sarajevo

Faculty of Science

Department of Chemistry

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May 18 - May 20, 2011 Open Days of Chemistry