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Activity by Jennifer Kaban   |   added on Dec 21, 2010   |   Canada Official_iyc_logo


Chemists at TRIUMF, Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics, will be posting stories online on recent research topics in the fields of radiochemistry and nuclear medicine, muon chemistry and reaction rates, green chemistry, materials science and nuclear reactions.

As a national laboratory for Canada, TRIUMF is part of the enterprise of Chemistry in Canada with an emphasis on Nuclear and Radiochemistry. In the coming year on, TRIUMF scientists will be highlighting a number of aspects that relate to the research topics noted above.

Chemistry has often been referred to as the "Central Science," positioned as it were midway between Biology and the Life Sciences and Mathematics and Physics. This is also seen in the broad array of research topics that may be found in a modern chemistry department, which can range from novel organic synthesis techniques for new drugs, to studies in chemical physics and fundamental interactions, with theory and molecular modeling often playing a crucial role across all disciplines.

This is also the case in the broad-ranging research pursuits that may be found under the Nuclear Chemistry umbrella at TRIUMF and its ISAC rare-isotope-beam facility, where the common thread between them is the study or utilization of nuclear-decay probes. Current research topics range from the life sciences to novel isotopic probes in physical chemistry, to studies of organic free radicals in different environments, to new materials and materials sciences, to nuclear reactions and nuclear astrophysics as well as to nuclear science at the sub-atomic level.

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