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5th European Young Investigator Conference (EYIC)

Activity by Christian Ehli   |   added on Dec 20, 2010   |   Poland Official_iyc_logo


The scope of EYIC is to bring together chemists, physicists and biologists interested in all aspects of the interaction between radiation (of low and high energy) and matter. All participants should share an interest in Free Radical Chemistry, Radiation Chemistry, Photochemistry, Radiobiology, and Spectroscopy

June 22 - June 26, 2011 (Slubice, Poland)

These EYIC conferences specifically aim at the active participation of younger scientists. Active participation means that young investigators, typically graduate students and PhD students, are specifically invited to present their scientific work in the above mentioned fields (preferably orally). Accordingly, any application for an oral contribution by a young investigator will be given preference over those from the older and experienced people. Posters are also welcome from both groups of scientists. In addition to regular oral presentations (20 minutes) a limited number of invited lectures will be presented by well-known experts.


Conference Website:

Topic: conferences, networking, chemistry, publications, biotechnology, radiation chemistry, photosynthesis, photochemistry, young investigators, physics, laser spectroscopy Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, post graduate students, industrial chemists, universities, research scientists, women chemists
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