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Virtual Periodic System

Activity by Sérgio Henrique D. de Oliveira   |   added on Dec 22, 2010   |   Brazil Official_iyc_logo


It is a periodic system of chemistry elements in software, to interact the computer user with the chemistry.



Virtual Periodic System is a software with information of the periodic system of chemistry elements, contains a data base of the chemistry books and IUPAC recommendations presented in the IUPAC website.


The purpose of this project it is make a better access to the information, increasing the user experience with the computer users and chemistry. The software can be ported in a flash memory card, it can work in a website in the future and all these features facilitate the life, and this is an important goal, because increasing the easy access and contact with the chemistry can be developed and improved to better results to the human community.

The Technology

The graphic interface and the data library softwares were developed in Java language, this is good because represents the software running in many operational systems like Windows, GNU / Linux, Mac OS-X, FreeBSD and others that support Java Technology. To the future it is planned a mobile version and a web version.

Topic: chemistry education, educational materials, sustainable and green chemistry, science fair Audience: students, educators, school children, high schools, secondary school students, secondary schools, educational institutions, tertiary education
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