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Activity by Dong-myung Shin   |   added on Dec 10, 2010   |   Korea, Republic Of Official_iyc_logo


Finding Advanced and Integrative Platform for Future Chemical Industry


Sep. 26~ Oct. 01, Daejeon DCC & Kotrex, Seoul, Korea

(Chemical EXPO, KCS National and International Meeting, Business PR, Job Fair)



Finding Advanced and Integrative Platform for Future Chemical Industry

-    Exhibition of Cutting-Edge Chemical Industry and Science Technology

-    Network through Business PR and Job Fair

-    Presentation and Discussion of New Products and Research Achievements

-    Policy Discussion of Energy, Sustainability and Environment

Chemical EXPO

(Sep. 26 ~ Oct. 1, Daejeon, DCC & Kotrex)


○ Corporate Presentations and Product Display

- High-tech large-scale exhibition covering all fields of chemistry related industry

  (300 chemical-related companies, 30 foreign companies)

- Providing network of the chemical industry


○ Providing Strong Network of Chemical Industry with Public Relations

- Providing experience of chemistry for students

- Enhancing the public's chemical affinity through the exhibition of high-tech chemical and industrial products

- Promotion of chemical policy and technology by the exhibition of products, research and technology


○ Discussion of Chemical Industry Development Direction and Policy

- Finding the future direction of chemical industry through the discussion and presentation of cutting edge technology and research results

- Enlightening the future Korean chemical industries : finding Korean chemical industry functions in Asia and in the world.

- Energy resources, and environment-related industrial-policy debate

- Green policy forum among government, leading chemical industry and researchers


○ Job Fair

- A meeting between company executives and college students for the internship / employment opportunities

Topic: future chemical industry, chemical expo, exhibition, business pr, job fair Audience: general public, research scientists, industrial chemists, professional chemists, students
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