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Chemistry of Love "Science Café"

Activity by Paulo Ribeiro-Claro   |   added on Dec 05, 2010   |   Portugal Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Department of Chemistry, University of Aveiro

A "Science Café" around the role of chemistry in the romantic love: from a short presentation of the molecules present in the different stages of love to a participated discussion about chemistry, science and life.

The activity is typical thematic "science café", usually performed in an informal "café" scenario for ca. 30-40 participants.

The subject is introduced by the invited scientist in the first 15-20 minutes, with emphasis on the experimental results concerning the effects of chemistry compounds in our behaviour. The presentation is designed to stimulate the curiosity (and leave unanswered questions) for later discussion. The discussion is usually highly participated, due to the natural appeal of the theme.

The activity is currently being offered to secondary schools and local authorities, in order to encourage the celebration of the IYC 2010 in the local communities.

Topic: science café, celebrating chemistry Audience: general public, post graduate students, teachers, women chemists, secondary school students
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