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Global Chemical Experiment - Paraguay participation

Activity by Lourdes Gisella Duarte Pereira   |   added on Jan 05, 2011   |   Paraguay Official_iyc_logo


This event it's going to be with school from all the country by developping ways to make the water a chemical solution. The organizer are: National Node

"Chemistry - our lives, our Future" is the slogan of the International Year of Chemistry, IYC 2011. During the year, carried out by thousands of children in schools and colleges throughout the world a global chemical experiment that potentially will become the chemistry experiment largest ever thought. Under the theme "Water: A Solution Chemistry", students will focus on modules that will examine local water properties, chemical and technological solutions that enable mankind to have clean water for consumption. The overall experiment will promote the objetives of IYC, motivating young people around the world to love  chemistry.
IUPAC and UNESCO have developed a series of activities to encourage students from around the world to understand the influence of chemistry in one of the most important resources for daily life: water. This experiment explores global water chemistry and the role it plays in society and the environment.
Global Experiment in Chemistry consists of four activities: measurement of pH, salinity, filtration / disinfection, and desalination. Each can be performed by children and adolescents of all ages in schools and colleges throughout the world. Activities can be adapted to the skills and interests of students. The idea of these activities is to provide students with an appreciation of chemistry research, collection and validation. At the end of 2011, the results will be displayed on a website of the IYC in an interactive global map, showing the value of international cooperation in science.

Topic: competition, science fair, art Audience: secondary schools students, school children, high schools, secondary school students, educational institutions, tertiary education
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