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Science Films - projections and debates

Activity by Lourdes Gisella Duarte Pereira   |   added on Jan 05, 2011   |   Paraguay Official_iyc_logo


This event it's going to take place 4 times in the year and the organizers are the Paraguayan Asociation of Student of Pure Chemestry (AEQPP)

Activity organized by the Paraguayan Student Association of Pure Chemistry (AEQPP) in collaboration with the National Node, aims to spark interest in young people and adults to science, focusing on the chemical sciences through screenings of videos and documentaries related issues such as environment, industry, health and water, which are the four main themes throughout the IYC 2011. After the screening there will be a roundtable where are invited specialists of the topic to discuss with the people present and exchange views and objective criticism. This activity will take place every three months for a total of four projections for the year.

Topic: hands-on activities Audience: professional chemists, students, professors, educators
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