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“Química por Tabela 2.0” - A series of chemistry demonstrations

Activity by Paulo Ribeiro-Claro   |   added on Dec 05, 2010   |   Portugal Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Department of Chemistry, University of Aveiro

“Química por Tabela 2.0” is a chemistry-based show for the general public - a sequence of interesting, surprising, or amazing chemical reactions - that will be part of the permanent programme of the Fábrica CCVA Science Centre of Aveiro

“Química por Tabela 2.0” is the new "IYC-version" of a chemistry-based show for the general public that is currently part of the permanent programme of the Fábrica CCVA Science Centre in Aveiro. Since January 2008 the original show has been running three days a week and on the first Sunday each month at the “Fábrica de Ciência”. Up until September 2010 the show has been performed 150 times and has been seen by approximately 10,000 people!
The popularity of  the show has led to its successor “Química por Tabela 2.0”. The new show has been developed over a period of 12 months in the Department of Chemistry of the University of Aveiro under supervision of Prof. Paulo Ribeiro-Claro and Brian G. Goodfellow and a grant from the "Ciência Viva" National Agency. It includes an all new set of chemistry experiments developed  in a way to convey a few basic notions of chemistry to the audience, to relate the experiments to the world around us (and also to the chemistry lessons at school) and finally to stimulate the inquiring scientist in all of us.
The complete process included the selection of a group of visually exciting experiments, each chosen by considering the ease of execution, the availability of equipment, safety and cost. A script was written and two chemistry graduates were trained to present the show to the public. Final touches, required for a performance in a Science Centre, were provided by the Fábrica team, at a highly professional level and include audiovisual aids, an appropriate stage and backdrop and lessons in presentation for the presenters.
 “Química por Tabela 2.0” will by running weekly at the Fábrica CCVA Science Centre in Aveiro during 2011, under de IYC label.  Hopefully this new show will enjoy as much success as is predecessor and continue to excite, stimulate, intrigue and amaze people from all age groups in the future.

Topic: demonstrations Audience: general public, secondary schools, school children, teachers
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