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improving teaching of industrial chemistry at school level

Activity by Zaheer Abbas Chang   |   added on Dec 03, 2010   |   Pakistan Official_iyc_logo

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this qualitatiative action research in pakistan will prepare the students for upcoming devlopment and also will bring a linking between schools and industries for skill development

. in pakistan mostly studnets feel that chemistry is difficult and boring subject.

chemistry have no relevance in their practical life.

chemistry is just theortical approach.

looking all these situation i thought to work on integration of industries with school for upcoming development.

for this i started action research project in some schools and going to conduct such seminars for teachers and wants to work on curriculum development, where curriculum should be interlinked with the demands of industries and studnets should visited their neighbouring cities industries to learn practically chemistry and will get more interest.




dear all friends i have done my this research and finding publishers for publishing this research. plz give me some suggestions for publications.

Topic: workshops Audience: students of grade 10
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