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“Welcome to Chemistry” Onsite Lecture Presentation at high school

Activity by Naoto  Chatani   |   added on Jan 09, 2011   |   Japan Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Kinki Branch, The Chemical Society of Japan

Encourage interest of high school students in chemistry (ex. Challenge of total synthesis of natural product, functionalized material in daily life, ect.)

Target: High school students

Place: High school (onsite), hall and/or home class room

Schedule: from June 1, 2011 to December 22, 2011

Expenses: The Chemical Society of Japan will cover all cost including honorarium for lecturing and traffic expenses.

Lecturer: Professors and researchers belonging to CSJ

Content: Encourage interest of high-school students in chemistry

Title (past): “Challenge of Syntheses of Natural Products”

“Light-sensitive Molecules”, “Biotechnology break ground future electronics”

“Nanotechnology”, “Life and Chemistry”, “Luminous Organic Compound” , etc.

Lectures: Five 50-min lectures per a year


Topic: chemistry education, hands-on activities, science fair, etc. Audience: high school students, teachers
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