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National Seminar on 'New Trends in Green Chemistry' -NSGC-2010

Activity by Damodar Prabhu   |   added on Nov 28, 2010   |   India Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): University Grants Commission, New Delhi and Association of Chemistry Teachers,Mumbai

The National Seminar on 'New Trends in Green Chemistry' will bring together academicians,scientists,industry and environment policy planners on a common platform to discuss the new trends in Green Chemistry. The seminar is scheduled for December14-15.2010 at D A V College, Kanpur., India

The National Seminar on 'New Trends in Green Chemistry' will be organised on December 14-15,2010 at D A V College ,Kanpur as a curtain raiser to the year long celebrations of IYC 2011 in India.The seminar will bring together academicians, scientists students , industry and policy planners to discuss the latest trends in Green Chemistry  and will highlight the contribution of the Indian Chemical Industry in combating the menace of environmental pollution by devising eco-friendly processes.

Some of the topics to be discussed are:1)Green Chemistry-the Chemistry of the future,2)Green Chemistry in industry,3)Clean solvent technologies with zero waste generation,4)Novel catalysts,5)Bio remediation and 6) Global warming and its consequences.

About 200 teachers ,scientists and students from all over india are expected to participate which will include a sizeable number of ladies-both teachers and students.  A special effort is being made to attract the  younger teachers and researchers to participate in the deliberations and to make oral/poster presentations of their own work in Environmetal science.The event will provide an opportunity to the younger participants to interact with well known experts in the field- this exposure will stand them in good stead in their future careers.

The seminar will address all the objectives of IYC2011 more specifically involvement of youth and women in environment related activities ,teaching and research.  The seminar will motivate young students to cultivate a lifelong interest in Chemistry and possibly  pursue a career in Green Chemistry.

For details please contact 1) Dr Sanjay Asthana,Convener, NSGC2110,Department of Chemistry, D A V College,Kanpur 208001 email

                                                2) Dr D V Prabhu, General Secretary, Association of Chemistry Teachers, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Chemistry,Wilson College(University of Mumbai), Mumbai 400007 email         






Topic: green chemistry education, combating pollution and global warming, eco-friendly technologies, networking Audience: teachers.researchers, students, scientists and engineers and policy planners
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