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Capturing Chemistry

Activity by Peter Crowley   |   added on Nov 19, 2010   |   Ireland Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): NUI Galway

In Summer 2011 NUI Galway will exhibit artworks about Chemistry. We would like you to submit an artwork, which draws attention to chemistry in the everyday world.

"Capturing Chemistry" is an Art exhibition which aims to draw attention to chemistry in the everyday world.

We would like you to submit an artwork on anything at all that interests you. A poster is probably the easiest form of submission but we welcome whatever you come up with. We also ask that entrants accompany their piece with a brief description.

In terms of prizes there will be an exhibition held in Summer 2011 and cash prizes will be awarded for the best entries. A date has yet to be finalised for the exhibition but we would like to receive submissions in May.

Please see the submission form on:

We are also on Facebook:

Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, art, competition Audience: students, professional chemists, educators, industrial chemists, general public, post graduate students, teachers, decision makers, research scientists, women chemists, tertiary education, secondary schools, educational institutions, secondary school students
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