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Accelerating the Contributions of Chemistry to Sustainable Development

Activity by Colin Humphris   |   added on Nov 05, 2010   |   International Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): IUPAC, IYC Management Committee, The Dow Chemical Company

The World Chemistry Leadership Meeting is an opportunity for leaders from chemistry to set new priorities for the science, to address the challenges of a sustainable world, and to approach Rio+20 and beyond.

The 2011 WCLM is a cornerstone event of IYC. 

The objective of the WCLM will be to identify new ways to accelerate the contributions of chemistry to Sustainable Development.  

This is an opportunity for the chemistry community to discuss the challenges of sustainable development and consider what we might do differently to increase the impact of chemistry in achieving development goals. We will be focussing onto three broad questions: 

  • What factors restrict the contribution of chemists to the global development challenges today? Discussion could include the views expressed in Nature Vol. 496 21 Jan 6 2011 (Whitesides & Deutch). 
  • What new roles could the international chemistry community play in collaboration with other international organisations to increase the impact of chemistry? 
  • What new roles might IUPAC take on in support of the response to the global challenges? Sub-questions would relate to future priorities for IUPAC in education and capacity building and what practically should IUPAC do in relation to the Rio+20 World Summit in 2012?

See program flyer for details (pdf attached on the right).

As part of the program, you will be invited to a private screening of The Future of Sustainable Chemistry. Featuring 30 thought leaders in 60 minutes, this video will explore how those of us in the chemistry community, along with other stakeholders, can accelerate sustainable solutions to some of the world's most challenging problems. See handout for details (pdf attached on the right) and link to the FUTURE of SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY trailer.

The meeting will take place during the IUPAC General Assembly, in Puerto Rico on August 2, 2011, staring at 9:00 am in Ballroom B Convention Center.

Topic: sustainable development Audience: chemistry leaders, industrial chemists, decision makers
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