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IYC and Maria SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE celebrations in Poland

Activity by Wojciech Lubiewa-Wielezynski   |   added on Nov 20, 2010   |   Poland Official_iyc_logo


You can find information about celebration IYC 2011 in Poland at our web site

The most important event organized by Polish Academy of Sciences ( PAN ) in cooperation with all interested organizations and institutions will be:


1. 25 November 2011- MSC-100 closing celebration to be held at the Royal Castle in Warsaw

The opening ceremony of scientific and popular science events will take place in “Wola Campus”, in Warsaw, Kasprzaka 44/52 St., at the site of two the largest PAN scientific institutes in the chemistry.


2.  2 June 2011- the science meeting and the picnic called “ Leading Role of Chemistry in the Development of civilization” will take place at the site of PAN Institutes, in Warsaw. Organizers: Institute of Physical Chemistry PAN and Institute of Organic Chemistry PAN in cooperation with PAN Chemistry Committee .


Before the „opening ceremony” we also plan to organize other events, like:


3.  French-Polish Symposium on Molecular Chemistry (Paris, 31.01-01.02 2011),


4.  January/February 2011 French-Polish Catalytic Symposium in Cracow.


5.  6-9 April 2011- IX National Symposium on Organic Chemistry in Warsaw, organized by  Institute of Organic Chemistry PAN, Warsaw University, PAN Chemistry Committee,


6.  8 April 2011- in Staszic Palace in Warsaw there will take place a meeting of IUPAC office, organized by PAN Chemistry Committee.


In the second half of next year we plan to organize:


7. In September 2011 Polish Summer School of Crystallography organized by PAN Crystallography Committee and Polish Society of Crystallography (with great attendance of lecturers from abroad, and the participants from the whole world are invited.).


8. Also in the second half of September : XIII  International Seminar on Inclusion Compounds. This is the international well-known event, with 150-200 participants. Organized by PAN Chemistry Committee


9.  During the MSC-100 closing ceremony at the Royal Castle in Warsaw we plan to organize conference about Supramolecular Chemistry in cooperation with PAN Institutes and Warsaw University.


10.And because IYC and MSC-100 promote the participation of female scientists, PAN Chemistry Committee delegates Prof Małgorzata Witko to take part in IUPAC organization team, and to take part in a meeting about “The role of women in Chemistry” (Paris, January 2011), and afterwards many domestic events.







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