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Journal of Chemical Education

Activity by Alice Teter   |   added on Oct 22, 2010   |   United States Official_iyc_logo


Throughout 2011, each issue of the Journal of Chemical Education will include articles related to the International Year of Chemistry, with special emphasis on resources and activities for use by science educators at all levels.


For 88 years, the Journal of Chemical Education has been providing science educators with information about effective practices, new ideas, resources, and research for teaching chemistry in the classroom and the laboratory. The aims of the International Year of Chemistry mesh well with the Journal’s goals. To observe IYC throughout the year, the Journal will publish articles, commentaries, and editorials about IYC activities related to the ongoing aim “to provide teachers with information, ideas, and materials for improving their understanding of the science and helping them in their teaching and in developing the talents of students”. The content for these articles is in various stages of development; the Journal welcomes suggestions for appropriate content, including manuscript proposals.

Topic: chemistry education, educational materials, sustainable and green chemistry Audience: teachers, educational institutions, students, general public
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