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Chemistry in the Science Museum

Activity by Petra Van 't slot   |   added on Nov 19, 2010   |   United States Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): CaSTL

Bring chemistry into the local Science Museum at no extra cost for all visitor. The Chemistry Demo are lined up with the California Science Curriculum Standards. The demos are carried out by undergraduates in order to spark their interest in Chemistry Education

Every day of the week undergraduates from UC Irvine participate in Chemistry Table Top demos in the local Discovery Science Museum, Santa Ana. The demos are developed and coordinated by the outreach coordinator of the Center for Chemistry at the Space Time Limit. Development occurs in close collaboration with the Science Museum, in order to completely line up the material with the California Science Curriculum Standards. 

The demos are fun and engaging - so they will sparkle visitors interest in chemistry and science in general. Most of the visitors are children, therefore the demos touch the future of chemistry! 

Participating undergraduates experience the joy and fun of chemistry education and they become ambassadors for bringing science outside the labs to the public.  

Topic: chemistry education, chemistry fun Audience: students, educators, elementary school, school children, science museum
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