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Scientist talk event "Nobel prize of chemistry 2011 This is quasi-crystal"

Activity by Moeko Tabata   |   added on Dec 11, 2011   |   Japan Official_iyc_logo


We will have a chemist studying about quasi-crystal, Prof.An-Pang Tsai, at the scientist talk event on 23th Dec. Let's learn about quasi-crystal, and learn what is "order" through the structure of quasi-crystal.

What do you imagine when you hear "order"? An Othello bord with same distanced-cells ? A straight line of ants?

Actually, the "order" what we know is not all, but it is just in a limited sense.
If you learn about quasi-crystal, you may see what order means.
Quasi-crystal is the theme of Nobel prize of chemistry of 2011.

We will have an event about quasi-crystal with the leading person in quasi-crystal field, Prof. An-Pang Tsai.
He will give a lecture about quasi-crystal, an episode of Dr. Dan shechtman, about quasi-crystal material used in our daily life,etc. (in Japanese)        (Japanese)


14:30-15:30, 23th, Dec.

 Science workshop @3F, Miraikan

For over 13 years old

Fee Free (only entrance charge)




Topic: seminars, chemistry, celebrating chemistry Audience: general public, students, secondary school students, high schools, secondary schools students
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