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Acidity/Basicity/Neutrality test of Water Sample

Activity by Dill Chowdhury   |   added on Nov 25, 2011   |   Bangladesh Official_iyc_logo


Acidity/Basicity/Neutrality test of Water Sample

This consists of four component activities. Each can be carried out by children of all ages in schools around the world. The activities are adaptable to the skills and interests of students of various ages and use equipment that is widely availble.


Instrument                         : Beaker

Chemicals                         : Blue and Red litmus paper., Impure water

Experiment Details          : Red and blue litmus paper were soaked in water sample.

Observation                       : Blue litmus paper turned into red  but red litmus paper did not cahnge.

Inference                            : Water sample was aciditic.

Comment                           : Acidic compound turns blue litmus paper into red. Since blue litmus 

                                                paper turned into red, so water sample is acidic. Basic compound turns 

                                               red litmus paper into blue. Since red litmus paper  did not turn into blue,

                                              hence water sample was not basic.

Topic: chemistry education Audience: students
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