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IYC 2011 in Nankai

Activity by Xiaoxue Xu   |   added on Nov 14, 2011   |   China Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Chongqing Chemical Educational Research Society

In China, Chongqing Nankai High School held picture exhibition, exhibition of chemistry books and chemistry party in class to celebrate IYC2011.


In beautiful campus of Chongqing Nankai High School, an picture exhibition took place in 17 October 2011. The theme of exhibition was: chemistry, our life, our future. The school held this exhibition to celebrate IYC2011. The exhibition showed many photographs and pictures. The content included chemistry and our life, progress of chemistry in future, Chinese and global famous chemists, the events of Marie Curir, Mendeleev and periodical table, Nobel laureates in century. The day was School’s day, Chongqing Nankai High School was established in 17 October  1936. Eleven teachers took part in this program. Their name are: Li Huaiqiang, Ja Longxian, Zen Qiang, Zan Ju, Chen Ru, Lu Yongzhong, Chen Yong, Xiao Liping, Zhu Zhipeng, Chen Chaoyang, Dai Chuanxiong.. The celebrating program includes another events, exhibition of chemistry books and chemistry party in class.

Topic: hands-on activities Audience: secondary school students
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