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Activity by Aruna Sharma   |   added on Nov 08, 2011   |   India Official_iyc_logo


CHEM-O-PHILIA (29 Nov, 1 & 3 Dec.2011) is an intra- as well as inter-Collegiate activity, comprising: Screening of movies on Marie Curie & Environmental Issues, Aptitude Test Presentations on various topics & Chemical Housie on Elements & their applications.

ICLES’ Motilal Jhunjhunwala College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Vashi – Navi Mumbai.

The CHEMISTRY DEPT., is the largest in the College, with nearly 350 students at the Undergraduate Level & 500-600 students at the Jr. College level along with 26 staff members.  Our results are consistently good & above the University Average.

To celebrate the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF CHEMISTRY 2011, and mark the Centenary Year of Madame Marie Curie’s First Nobel Prize, the MARIE CURIE CLUB (founded in 2006) of the department under the leadership of Principal Dr. S. N. Shetti (PhD in Chemistry with achievements in Research as well as Academics), is screening a Biographic film on the life & achievements of Madame Marie Curie. 

Among other activities, the club is also organizing CHEM-O-PHILIA, a Participative Programme for students, comprising events that will kindle interest for the subject of Chemistry, in the minds of the students.  The purpose is to make knowledge “HANDS-ON” and STIMULATING.

CHEM-O-PHILIA is an intra- as well as inter-Collegiate activity, to be held in the months of Nov-Dec’ 2011.

29 Nov. 2011 – for FY, SY, TY BSc students of our college (about 350 students).

1 Dec. 2011 – for Junior College (FYJC & SYJC students) about 500-600 students in the age group of 16-19  years.

3 Dec. 2011 – for FY, SY, TY BSc students of various colleges under the University of Mumbai.

Activities to be organized:

Inauguration of the event - A small Exhibition for all the visitors constituting of Posters on WOMEN IN CHEMISTRY, LIVING WITH CHEMISTRY, CARING FOR ENVIRONMENT and display of Products used by the common man in day-to-day life containing different chemical compounds.


Screening of movies (0930 hrs to 1030 hrs) – Room No: 007.

  1. Life & Achievements of Marie Curie
  2. Environmental Issues
  3. Fun with Chemistry

APTITUDE TEST IN CHEMISTRY (1030 hrs to 1130 hrs) – Room No: 006.

There will be two rounds: Round 1-Qualifying Round, Written Test, Round 2-Rapid Fire Round

The top five scorers will be awarded.

POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS (1200 hrs to 1300hrs – For Undergraduates only) – Room No: 007.


1.   Nuclear Reactions - A tool for Peaceful Application/ A hazard.

2.   Chemistry from Morning to Night.

3.  Utility and Toxicity of colouring eatables.

4.  Biodegradable Polymers- A New Technology

5.  Solar Energy-An Alternate Energy Source

6.  Waste Mangement Awareness in Society

POT-OF-LUCK (1300 hrs to 1400hrs) – Room No: 005.

A HOUSIE based on elements and their applications will be held and winners will be awarded.

Topic: celebrating chemistry, competition, chemistry education Audience: graduate students, tertiary education
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