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International Warsaw Invention Show (IWIS)

Activity by Osazuwa Osawaru   |   added on Oct 25, 2011   |   Poland Official_iyc_logo


A presentation of the use of hydrogen from the decomposition of methanol for the hydrogenation of products obtained from the pyrolysis of waste polymers to obtain fuel-grade additives

My presentation will be at an invention fair taking place in Warsaw from 3 - 5 November 2011. The venue is Hotel Gromada, 17 Stycznia Street, Warsaw. Poland. It presents a way of utilizing a mixture waste polymers by first decomposing it and then hydrogenating with hydrogen from methanol decomposition to obtain additives for fuels. The fuels can be petrol, diesel or oils used for heating homes. The process is catalytic and is virtually waste-free. The whole process involved students collecting plastic bottle covers and broken toys which were subjected to a process called pyrolysis at my Institute - Industrial Chemistry Research Institute in Warsaw. These factions contained some unsaturated compounds which were later hydrogenated over a catalyst (Pt/Al2O3) with the products of  decomposing methanol over another catalyst (5% CoO/SiO2). A rather complicated process, but it was to bring the awareness of gathering all types of waste polymers which could be used for some other useful processes or for storage in a condensed liquid form to use later.  

Topic: sustainable and green chemistry, science fair Audience: students, general public, research scientists
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