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PPI-Net National Conference

Activity by Marcia Castle   |   added on Oct 14, 2011   |   United Kingdom Official_iyc_logo


The first national conference on protein-protein interactions organised by PPI-Net will be held on Monday, December 12 2011. I will bring together the whole UK community engaged in research of PPIs and formulate plans to solve problems in research.


We are pleased to announce the first national conference of the new Protein-Protein Interactions Network (PPI-Net).    PPI-Net was set up a few months ago for the reasons detailed below.


Development of new medicines relies upon the ability of scientists to understand the biological details of a disease and also the way in which new molecular medicines can be designed to either cure the illness or alleviate its symptoms.  One very important biological mechanism is the way in which one protein recognises and binds to another protein in order to regulate its function.  This functional regulation by protein-protein interactions underpins most of the biological activity in living cells, and yet we do not understand what properties of a protein allow it to bind to another, nor do we understand how to design molecules to prevent or enhance such interactions.


Gaining such an understanding would be a huge advance.  It is estimated that there are approximately 650,000 types of specific protein-protein interactions in each human cell.  This means that there are potentially 650,000 targets for modifying biological function by the use of drugs. Essentially every part of the biological process, and therefore every disease, could in principle be addressed by such drugs.  Although the knowledge of how to do this remains beyond our grasp, progress has been made in some parts of the problem, and new ways of looking at the problem have also been developed with others already in development.



The first national PPI-Net conference aims to bring together the whole UK community engaged in the research of PPIs, and to formulate a UK-wide plan to solve the outstanding problems in this research area.


Event          PPI-Net National Conference (Protein-Protein Interactions Network)

Date           Monday, 12th December 2011

Place            AstraZeneca, Alderley Park, Macclesfield, UK 


Registration Register online via the website.  Attendance is free-of-charge, including food during the day.     Registration will close on 18th November.


Why will this be a great way to celebrate IIYC?

In the final month of IYC, the PPI-Net is just starting out on a new and exciting initiative in the area of protein-protein interactions.  We believe the conference offers an outstanding line-up off speakers and opportunities to develop further activities in the area of PPIs.    


Topic: conferences Audience: students, research scientists, universities, post graduate students, educators, professors
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