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Dr O'Too City of Chemistry

Activity by Iris Caris   |   added on Oct 14, 2010   |   Netherlands Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Utrecht University Department of Chemistry

Dr O'Too is a chemistry game designed for 2011 IYC. The game will be launched on facebook in November 2010 and can be played on . On Dutch schools can join our competition. The best may compete in the Dr O'Too Battle at the Dutch Chemistry Day the 21th of May 2011.

Dr O'Too City of Chemistry is a game that can be played world wide by everyone. All you need is a facebook account. See if you are a chemical wizzkid and play on

Dutch schools can join our Dr O'Too battle by subscribing on our website They can win prizes and the best may join the Dr O'Too Battle on the 21th of May 2011, the Dutch national day of chemistry.

The purpose of this activity is to join fun and chemistry. We asked ourselves: what do we enjoy most in chemistry and designed a game to puzzle and create.

We decided to use the English language, so everybody can join. If you want to start your own competition or want to know more about our initiative, contact me at

Topic: celebrating chemistry, competition Audience: general public, educators, secondary school students
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