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Periodic Table on Show

Activity by Vicki Gardiner   |   added on Oct 08, 2010   |   Australia Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Royal Australian Chemical Institute

Australian artists will join with chemists to produce a unique interpretation of each element of the 2010 IUPAC Periodic Table. The artwork will be available for touring, photographed for posters, and become a web-resource listing information prepared by the chemist and the story behind the piece by the artists.

The objective of this project is to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry through expressing chemistry through art and develop a multidisciplinary educational tool. The aim of the project is to connect with the public and increas awareness of the positive contributions to everyday life made through the chemical sciences.

The project will bring together chemists and artists to build an artistic impression of the IUPAC approved 2010 Periodic Table. Chemists will prepare information on each element including its discovery, history and modern day uses. This information will be distributed to Australian artists who will prepare individual prints of each element interpreting this information. All prints will be brought together at the end of the project to form a full Periodic Table.

The project will result in a multi-disciplinary educational resource. Firstly, the Periodic Table will use art to describe the most fundamental and important document used by chemists. Secondly, the web resource will bring art, history and modern science together, all linked by the elements. This resource will be made available via the RACI website.

Topic: art, educational materials, website, chemistry education, celebrating chemistry Audience: general public, students, research scientists, professional chemists, secondary schools


Eric Scerri | Oct 15, 2010 04:42PM

I will be coming to Sydney to give a lecture at Sudney University at a Philosophy of Chemistry Workshop organized by Prof Alan Chalmers.

Will be there from Dec 9th - 25th, 2010.

I would love to be involved in your periodic table project.  Am the author of what has been described as the definitive book on the periodic table.  Perhaps another lecture can be arranged?

Eric Scerri, The Periodic Table Its Story and Its Significance. Oxford University press, 2007.

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