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Chemistry beyond the bench

Activity by Stuart Cantrill   |   added on Sep 07, 2011   |   United Kingdom Official_iyc_logo


To celebrate the International Year of Chemistry, Nature Chemistry has published a series of Commentary articles that look at broader issues in our subject beyond the science itself. These articles are free throughout September 2011.

The designation of 2011 as the International Year of Chemistry by the United Nations offers our community an opportunity not only to celebrate its successes, but also to look critically at the challenges it faces.

Nature Chemistry has published seven Commentaries that look at topics such as women in chemistry, chemical communication, chemical education, dwindling resources, chemistry in the developing world, the future of pharma, and the chamging landscape of careers in the chemical industry. The articles are free for the month of September.

The cover of the issue featuring these Commentaries features a mosaic picture of Marie Curie made up of many pictures of female scientists. For more details on the cover, please see:

Topic: chemistry education, networking, educational materials, publications Audience: general public, students, professional chemists, professors, educators, teachers, research scientists, universities, industrial chemists, post graduate students, women chemists, decision makers
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