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ChemFest! - 2011

Activity by Samarth Shyamanur   |   added on Sep 06, 2011   |   India Official_iyc_logo


A fun filled day at Mallya Aditi International School with quizzes, interesting activities and a chemistry fair with several schools from all over Bangalore participating.

The event will be held on The 21st of October.

The Day will be divided into three activities :

1. The quiz - A Chemistry themed quiz ( Grades 11-12)

2. Taboo - A different and amusing game where each team gives one member of their opponent a 'chemistry word' and the opponent team have to guess the word with the directions from the member who received the word. Under one condition, the member should not say the word directly, he should only and only use synonyms, etc. (Grades 9-10)

3. The Chemistry Fair - In this part of the day, teams of four from different schools will showcase a preplanned experiment or demonstration with a certain theme relating to chemistry. The teams should complete parameters such as Aim, Apparatus, Observation, Application in the real world and Result. This would be judged by personalities in the field of chemistry.(Grades 9-12)

This is student-teacher initiative to increase awareness of chemistry among everyone and appreciate the use of chemistry in our daily lives.

Topic: celebrating chemistry, quiz, chemistry fair Audience: highschool students, chemistry lovers
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Oct 20, 2011 ChemFest! 2011