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Portraits & Bio EXPO : "Celebrating Women in Chemistry: pioneers and future promises"

Activity by Addy María Gomez   |   added on Aug 28, 2011   |   Mexico Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Fundación para la Educación Superior Internacional, A.C.

Small Portraits and Bio Expo to celebrate women in chemistry, rescuing the contributions of pioneers in the field and attracting students and general public attention toward the female chemists that are considered internationally as promises of the future for their work and profiles.

The exhibition aims to be a deserved tribute to those women who have been active in chemistry, but their names and faces are unknown by most people being pioneers in the field or because they are promises of the future (not very well known yet). In both cases their contributions have been important to the welfare of society and to exalt the role of women in science.

The tribute will take place december 1st, at Fundación para la Educacion Superior International  headquarters, Moctezuma 65, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico mainly  through a pictorial exhibition (Portraits&BIO), and some students presentations enriching the expo.

This activity has the purpose of dissemination among youth and adults, these chemists contributions in a simple visual way that is suitable for everyone and requires no expertise in chemistry. Also it is planned that this exhibit moves to local schools and galeries. any activity celebrating the role of women in chemistry is a great way to celebrate IYC !

About the Author of the proposal:

She holds a B.S. in Chemistry  in addition of being an independent artist.


Topic: celebrating chemistry, art, chemistry education Audience: students, general public, universities, women chemists, secondary school students, secondary schools
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