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Chemistry IYC Quiz for Secondary School Students

Activity by Vaughn Rattray   |   added on Aug 27, 2011   |   Jamaica Official_iyc_logo


Selected secondary schools in Kingston and St . Andrew will be invited to participate in a one day quiz competition at the Chemistry Department at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus.

·         A small number of  schools from the Corporate Area of Kingston and St Andrew will be invited to participate in an exciting and interactive  'Jeopardy-style' quiz competetion hosted by the Chemistry Department of the University of the West Indies at Mona. This is planned for the end of October 2011.

·         There will be 4 team members per school;and teams will compete in elimination rounds consisting of 5 questions in 5 Categories (i.e. 25 questions per round), with consideration given to the school Chemistry syllabus when choosing categories and questions.

·         A maximum of four and a minimum of 3 teams (randomly selected) would compete against each other in the first round.

·         The winners of the first round will compete against each other in a double-jeopardy type round of more difficult questions. This would also consist of 5 categories of 5 questions per category (i.e. 25 questions per round)

·         The winners of the second round will compete against each other in a one question Final Round which would be most challenging. The winner of this final round would be the quiz champion; schools will receive educational prizes which will be sought from local sponsors.


Topic: quiz, competition Audience: students, educational institutions, teachers, high schools, secondary schools, secondary schools students
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