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Chemistry YouTube Video Competition in Jamaica

Activity by Vaughn Rattray   |   added on Aug 27, 2011   |   Jamaica Official_iyc_logo


The competition entitled “Chemistry in Everyday Life” will invite secondary level local schools to submit video clips depicting this theme.These will be posted on YouTube and the winner will then be decided by the number of ‘likes’ each video has received.

In celebration of IYC 2011, the Chemistry Department of the University of the West Indies, is hosting a series of events, one of which is the Chemistry YouTube Video Competition for high school students across Jamaica.

The Chemistry YouTube Video Competition is one of two school-based activities aimed at encouraging an interest in chemistry among students at the primary and secondary levels of the local education system. The YouTube video competition is entitled “Chemistry in Everyday Life”. Schools will submit video clips depicting this title. A pool of judges will select the best 5 videos. These will be posted on YouTube. The winner will then be decided by the number of ‘likes’ each video has received.

Topic: video competition Audience: students, educators, secondary school students, teachers
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